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So what's got Howie so bent out of shape? Simple.

Cartoon Network is cancelling Teen Titans. There are so many shows they could be booting, and they pick the Titans. It almost seems like a cruel joke that this is getting the shaft, while trash like Krypto the Superdog, Baby Looney Toons, and Code: Lyoko are still running.

It's been rumored that the reason for this decision is because Robin is scheduled to appear on The Batman, another DC Comics show by Warner Bros. Apparently, they now have to scrap Teen Titans, because Cartoon Network thinks it would be too confusing if Robin appeared on two different shows at the same time. Why would this get my goat? Because The Batman is visual crap that looks like it was done by someone who tried to copy the idea for the original Batman: The Animated Series while they were on drugs. Seriously, this is not the Joker I'd like to see plaguing my television:

Yes, he's that lame.  You can't make this shit up.

Upon news of this, has placed an ready-made protest letter (for you lazy bums out there) to just print out and send at I've already sent a copy, as well as a hand-written letter with a few choice words of my own. I've also made my own forum signature addressing this problem (because the one on is just cheesy-looking). Feel free to steal if you think it'll help the cause.

I'm not sure how many Teen Titans fans there are amongst my LJ neighbors, or how many other Titans fans will actually stumble onto this page, but I figure if it at least makes the problem known, it was worth it.

No Friends lock on this, because it's just that damn important.

Irrelevant comments will be deleted.
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